What You Did Not Know About Sissification

It is until to this century we used to think that our society is black and white. But even today, it is believed, one belonging to a particular gender is supposed to behave and dress in a certain way. A girl is supposed to play with dolls whereas as boys with cars and gun toys. Guys are not supposed to cry. Girls are not supposed to fight. Gender revealing parties are themes as pink for a baby girl while blue for a boy. The gender roles defined for him or her even before arriving into the world. Then how can we abandon a belief we grew up with?

But there are some liberal individuals who refuse to follow the norms of specific gender roles. This has given rise to the idea of sissification. But that does not mean the person is a transgender. There’s a lot more to it.

What does it mean?

The term sissification is often used in the BDSM world where a man dresses as a woman on orders of his dominant mistress. A submissive man gives up his masculine character and plays out of his gender. They are often termed as sissies or cross-dressers.

There are two ends of the spectrum.

  1. Some do it because they want to bring a kinky quotient in their bedrooms and doing something like this, which is more of a social taboo, is exciting.
  2. There are men, who secretly want to dress like a woman because that is how they define themselves. Often times they feel stuck in a body that they think they don’t belong to.

Sissification makes them feel true to their identity and satisfaction. Sissy training programs are arranged so to help such people gain confidence and embrace the sissy lifestyle.