Month: April 2018

The upgraded vps

SSD vps is an upgraded and advanced version of VPS (virtual private server), it differs from vps in terms of storage space as they have better and much better storage space than vps which used the hard disk drive. VPS is a traditional form of the storage device while SSD is relatively new and advanced than the traditional one. They have good speed, security, and safety as compared to vps and storage being the best thing about SSD.  Due to good and fast speed, a lot of visitors are able to have a better experience; a slow website is a big turn off. Slow websites are not good for a business purpose that is why SSD vps is a great option and one should definitely buy SSD vps for their business.

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Advantages of SSD vps hosting

As mentioned before SSD vps is a better and an upgraded version of traditional vps; it has better storage space and speed and other advantages like:

  • It has a server that responds much faster than the traditional vps hosting; something that attracts visitors.
  • Data transfer takes place at a faster speed compared to the HDDs as it has a faster speed compared to vps.
  • The reading/writing speed is also fast in the SSD compared to vps.
  • There is less chance of physical failure taking place in SSD.
  • They use less energy as compared to the hard disk drive in the traditional vps server.
  • It loads sites at a faster speed which is an added advantage.

It is perfect for business owners who have their business website; it can transfer data fast, handle heavy traffic with all its efficiency. So SSD vps is a great option if one is looking for a vps server is upgraded, advanced and fast as compared to the traditional version.